About Us

Describing our business in a few sentences

We would say that we are specialized in home decorations and refurbishment. With lots of devotion and trust we are confident into finalizing any type of job in good time and good conditions.

With the devotion we start a job and with professionalism we will end that job is what makes us trustworthy and a good contractors in the UK. We have the experience and capability in working with all type of materials of the highest quality known by now. If there is any circumstances in where your home needs improvement and renovation, AVM Refurbishment is the company you need.

Anything from a strategic design to the final deliverable we complete our work in a professional and simple manor. That being said why not get in touch with us today or use the quotation calculator to get a quote.

Why choose us ?

We are probably the London no.1 house improvements and decorations company, we deliver great value services for quite some time. If you are searching to make improvements to your home/s in London,UK it’s important to choose a company that is trustworthy and has a great reputation as AVM has.

A few things that makes us different from other competitors:

We have special equipment
We finish our projects in time
We have good quotations
And we have a different style and approach
Years of experience
We are serious in our job
Trust in what we do