Hosting Account Suspended
This Account has been temporarily suspended but not completely terminated.
Act quick and reinstate your web hosting account by following the information below!

Your web hosting account with has been temporarily suspended due to consecutive payment failures for your web hosting services. You now have another 30 days to activate your web hosting services and have your website published again by loging in to your wphostee account . If you fail to activate your hosting services in those 30 days after the suspension, your account will be permanently terminated and all the date under that account will be deleted forever and cant be recovered after deletion.

Information that we delete after the termination of your account:
  • Web hosting plan and all addons/products etc
  • Your website and databases
  • Your email services
  • Your website local backups
  • Your referal account and earnings
Note: You have to understand that once your account will be permanently terminated, those lost information will be lost forever and can not be recovered.So it's your responsability to make backups of your website and database. If you think this error is caused by something else, contact your hosting provider at for more information where you can open a ticket and let us help you. You can also open a live chat with one of our representatives at